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UX Research Showdown: Remote Moderated Versus Remote Unmoderated User Research

Many UX publications have published content on the strengths and weaknesses of remote moderated or remote unmoderated testing – including the Nielson Norman Group, UX Magazine, CHI, and UXPIN. While many of these published authors make general claims about moderated v.s. unmoderated methods – there are no direct method-to-method comparisons with empirical data.

During this webinar, Asha Fereydouni will present empirical data from two user research studies completed on Specifically, he answers the following question: are the (1) number and (2) severity of usability issues discovered through 10 remote moderated sessions, and 10 remote unmoderated sessions different?

He will also cover questions around participant and task selection, sample size, analytical methods, and key usability insights.

The goal is to present the data as objectively as possible, but Asha will interject with his practitioner's opinion to produce an engaging and colorful presentation.


Asha Fereydouni is a Senior UX Researcher and Research Partner at UserZoom, where he works with a range of clients including, Kaiser Permanente, Facebook, McKesson, and the New York Times. He serves on the organizing committee of SF Design Week, and holds a MS in the Social Science of the Internet from the University of Oxford. He has presented for the UXPA International Conference, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, and the HowTheLightGetsIn Festival. His writing has been published by UX Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Salon.


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