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Wikiproject COVID-19

"The Wikiproject COVID-19 is working to curate and organization information about COVID-19 on Wikidata and Wikipedia. The scale and pace of a global pandemic have highlighted issues around the consistent structuring of information, such as the scope of geographically-bound statements and the time period of outbreaks, along with challenges for quickly updating information on pages across multiple languages.

The Wikiproject collaboration has created data models for relevant concepts, using ShEx entity schemas that can be validated via SPARQL queries. This webinar will introduce the Wikiproject and show examples of the data models at work.

1) Listeners will be introduced to Wikidata and Wikiprojects;
2) Listeners will learn about community data models and their role in standardizing metadata in the context of Wikidata's COVID-19 Wikiproject.
3) Listeners will learn about ShEx entity schemas and their role in data validation. "


Tiago Lubiana is a PhD candidate in bioinformatics at the University of São Paulo and curator at Mee (an information startup in São Paulo). For his PhD, he works on modeling biomedical concepts on Wikidata. At Mee, he collects data about different aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the city of São Paulo. He helped to create and coordinate the collaborative effort Wikiproject COVID-19 on Wikidata, working with data modeling, integration of databases, and reuse of structured data on Wikipedia.