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How Do I Renew?

About two months before you are due to renew your membership, ASIS&T staff will generate an invoice that will be saved in your account in the InfoHub. You can either go into the InfoHub and pay this invoice, or wait until we send you an email notifying you that your renewal is upcoming. That email will include the invoice and the invoice will include a link taking you to the payment portal. Below are instructions for both renewal methods:

Renew Via Emailed Invoice

Roughly 4-6 weeks before your expiration date, you will receive an invoice via email requesting that you renew your membership by paying the invoice. Embedded in the PDF invoice is a payment link. Simply click on that link to be taken to the payment portal. Once the invoice is paid you will be renewed for another year!

Submit Payment

To Renew in the InfoHub

Step 1: Log into the InfoHub by clicking About my Membership at the top of any page on the ASIS&T website. There are further instructions about logging in here.


Step 2: Click on My Info in the left menu then the Billing tab.

InfoHub Billing2

Step 3: Simply click on the Pay Now button to pay your invoice. This will renew your membership for a further 12 months from your existing expiration date. You will have the option to select from a stored payment method (if you have previously saved one) or enter new credit card information. If you enter new information you will be asked if you wish to store that information for future use in the system.

Pay Now

Step 4: If you require a copy of the invoice, scroll down and click on the Actions button next to the dues billing. You can download the invoice or pay here as well.

Download Invoice