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SIG AI Best Artificial Intelligence Published Paper Award 2022

Publication of the Year Award

This award recognizes the publication(s) by any ASIST member (they don’t have to be SIG AI members because any ASIST member can easily become a SIG AI member) in the broad area of AI in any peer-reviewed venue. The topics of interest for SIG AI are listed on its website, but that list is not exhaustive. The publication should have appeared (not just submitted or accepted for publication) in the previous calendar year.

The award is given to one publication, but honorary mentions and additional awards may be made based on the quality of submissions and funding available in a particular year, as determined by the award committee. The winner will get a cash prize (TBD, but possibly $200). All winners will get ASIST and SIG AI branded certificates.


  • Appoint the chair: second half of April
  • Chair invites 2-4 members for the jury: by early May
  • The Awards Chair, in possible consultation with SIG AI EC and/or the committee members constructs the selection criteria as well as CoI: by mid May
  • Chair creates the call for nominations with the help of the SIG AI EC: by mid-May
  • The committee and the call are ready: by mid-May
  • The call is distributed mid-May to end of May with a deadline in June
  • Depending on the response, get more calls out and extend the deadline to July
  • The committee deliberates: July-August
  • Recommendations/decisions are shared with the SIG AI EC: August
  • Award information is sent to ASIST HQ: September
  • ASIST HQ prepares certificates and award checks to give out during ASIST Annual Meeting in October-November

Selection Criteria

SIG AI Best Artificial Intelligence Published Paper Award

The Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Paper Award was established in 2022 and is administered by the ASIS&T SIG AI Awards Chair. It is sponsored by SIG AI.

1. Purpose of the Award

1.1. The purpose of the award is to recognize the best paper published in the scope of SIG AI (see

2. Nature of the Award

2.1. The award shall consist of a Certificate for the winning author or co-authors and a cheque for $200. In exceptional circumstances, the Jury may also award up to two “Certificates of Merit” to additional outstanding papers.

3. Eligibility

3.1. At least one author of a winning paper must be a member of SIG AI at the time of award. (Note that any member of ASIS&T may become a member of the SIG at any time.)

3.2. The paper must address AI design and implementation in information science and technology as a central topic. Papers that report the results of empirical research, theoretical papers, and methodological papers are all eligible for consideration. Papers that apply AI techniques (e.g., using NLP to process data) but without a focus on design and implementation are not eligible.

3.3. The award may be awarded to prior winners of the award.

4. Nominations

4.1. Papers that have been published (i.e., not just accepted or in print) in any peer-reviewed scholarly publication (journal or conference) in the prior calendar year are eligible for the award.

4.2. Nominations for the award should be submitted at this form by the deadline of  30 June 2022. Papers can be nominated by any member of SIG AI, including the paper authors.

5. SIG AI Awards Jury Committee

5.1. A SIG AI Awards Jury will assess nominated papers and choose the award winners.

5.2. The Jury is composed of 5-7 people appointed by the SIG AI Awards Chair. It is highly desirable to have among the members of the Jury individuals who are broadly and historically knowledgeable about the artificial intelligence design and implementation, e.g., former chairs of SIG AI and long standing members of the research and professional community.

5.3 Authors of papers nominated for this award are not eligible to serve on the Jury.

6. Selection of the Awardee

6.1. The SIG AI Award Chair Each will check each nominated paper for eligibility for the award. The Jury may review the  list of papers deemed ineligible and may request to evaluate any of them.

6.2. Eligible papers will be assessed by three Jury members. The SIG AI Awards Chair will assign papers to individual Jury members for assessment, taking the expertise of individual Jury members into account.

6.3. Eligible papers shall be appraised in terms of the following criteria: theoretical framework and/or conceptual relevance to artificial intelligence design and implementation; problem statement and appropriateness of the methodology; significance and implications of the findings; originality; and clarity of expression.

6.4. Jury members will provide a qualitative assessment of 50 to 250 words on the merits of each assigned paper and a recommendation to award or not award the paper. The SIG AI Awards Chair shall cumulate the Jury’s recommendations and facilitate a discussion of Jury members to reach consensus on the award and possible Certificates of Merit.

6.5. In the absence of qualified papers, the Jury may refrain from granting the award in that year.

6.6. The SIG AI Awards Committee shall communicate the Jury’s decision to the Chair of SIG AI, the ASIST President, and the ASIST Executive Director. The SIG AI Awards Chair shall provide a 50 word abstract, stating why the awards were given.

7. Presentation of the Award

7.1. At least one author of the paper must attend the SIG AI awards ceremony at the SIG AI Symposium to receive the award.

7.2. The award shall be announced and presented to the winning author by the Award Chair during the SIG AI Research Symposium at the annual meeting of the Society.

8. Publicity

8.1. The award shall be publicized in the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science, the SIG AI listserv and web site, and SIG AI social media sites, and any chapter with which the winner is affiliated.

9. Deadlines

9.1. Appointments to the SIG AI Jury shall be made in advance of the award year and not later than the start of the ASIST annual meeting.

9.2. Selection shall be made and the ASIST President, the ASIST Director and the Chair of SIG AI shall be notified at least two weeks before the start of the ASIST annual meeting.

ASIS&T SIG AI Student Research Symposium (Co-hosted with ASIS&T Asia Pacific Chapter)
June 23/24, 2022 | Online | Registration Form

Call for Abstracts

SIG AI provides a forum for discussion about research, development, and use of artificial intelligence in information science and technology. It is concerned with all aspects of AI design and implementation. The SIG AI student research symposium seeks to provide a platform for students from information science and related fields who are interested in AI-related research to present their ideas, frameworks, and preliminary results from AI-related studies. We encourage students who are interested in participating in our symposium to submit a 300-400 words abstract of their research, including problem statement, originality, method, initial finding, and implications.

Each author can submit an abstract on either a 1) regular research presentation (theoretical or empirical) introducing a new piece of their recent research, OR 2) technical showcase that presents a new system, tool or dataset they developed as a supporting platform or product of a research. The submission deadline is June 17th, 2022 11:59pm (AOE). Please use our research symposium registration form to register and submit your abstract. Please note that you can register for the event and participate without submitting an abstract.

Topics of interest to this symposium include, but not limited to:

  • AI applications in information environments
  • AI ethics, equality, and fairness
  • human-centered AI
  • human-AI interaction
  • AI literacies
  • AI and learning analytics
  • AI-powered information systems and services
  • Value-sensitive AI design
  • AI for societal benefits
  • AI digital assistants
  • Conversational AI
  • algorithmic bias in AI
  • AI in libraries and museums
  • transparent and explainable AI
  • AI for data discovery
  • Reusability of AI resources

The student research symposium (co-hosted with ASIS&T - Asia Pacific Chapter) will be organized online via zoom at 10pm Jun 23rd EDT/10am June 24th GMT+8. Students whose abstracts are selected will be invited to give a short presentation on their work at the symposium and answer questions from other students and researchers. The best presentations will be given cash awards and certificates. To facilitate students' presentation and discussion of AI-related research and increase the visibility of their latest findings, our symposium will include following sessions:

  • Invited talk
  • Student research presentation (with Q&A) A
  • 10min break
  • Student research presentation (with Q&A) B Tech showcase (or mini demo) session
  • Award Presentations and closing remarks