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Artificial Intelligence (SIG-AI)

SIG AI provides a forum for discussion about research, development, and use of artificial intelligence in information science and technology.  It is concerned with all aspects of AI design and implementation.

ASIS&T SIG AI Workshop 2022: Call for Participation - AI in the Real World: Strengthening Connections Between LIS Research and Practice 

About Our SIG

SIG AI is concerned with all aspects of AI design and implementation including, but not limited to:

  • AI applications in information environments
  • AI ethics, equality, and fairness
  • human-centered AI
  • human-AI interaction
  • AI literacies
  • AI and learning analytics
  • AI-powered information systems and services
  • value-sensitive AI design
  • AI for societal benefits
  • AI digital assistants
  • algorithmic bias in AI
  • transparent and explainable AI
  • AI for data discovery

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How to Join

To be a member, one first needs to be a member of the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T). When completing the Membership Application Form, select the special interest group (SIG) of your choice.

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