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SIG-AH Membership Information

Why join SIG-AH: Special Interest Group for Arts and Humanities?

SIG-AH was created in 1968, and its scope of interest “includes the computerized storage and retrieval of text, image and sound; new methods for the organization of scholarly work; bibliometric and other studies of information dissemination; artistic use of information technology; and the social structure of disciplines in the arts and humanities” (Mission statement rev. Ralph Dumain, ca. 2000). Its present-day focus is at the cross-section of information Science, Digital Humanities, and the Arts. SIG-AH was named SIG of the Year in 2015!

Benefit to SIG-AH Members:

  • Attend/Present at the annual SIG-AH virtual symposia (free registration for ASIS&T members);
  • Stay abreast with developments in Information Science and the digital humanities;
  • Use aspects of arts and humanities encouraging multi-disciplinary approaches within research & scholarship;
  • Participate in the SIG-AH community as volunteer or officer on the SIG-AH Board;
  • Contribute to the SIG-AH Digital Newsletter, even consider being the Newsletter Editor as officer on the SIG-AH Board;
  • Access to the community discussion forums.

If you would like to become a member of SIG-AH and are not yet a member of ASIS&T, you can join HERE. When you join, you will be asked which SIGs you wish to join. If you are already a member of ASIS&T but not a member of SIG-AH, LOG IN to the ASIS&T website, click on My Info, then add SIG-AH under your Lists/Committees.