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ASIS&T's Special Interest Group for Education (SIG ED) focuses on the education – at all levels – of those concerned with the handling of information.

About Our SIG

SIG ED’s programs center on such topics as curriculum design, research, instructional resources and methods, manpower needs, placement, recruitment to the profession, continuing education and educational program planning. It is a forum for coordinating efforts of educators in a wide variety of information-oriented fields, including computer and communications science, librarianship, and management. Levels encompass basic education for the profession, advanced education and research, and continuing professional education.

In addition to offering webinars and events, SIG ED administers the Doctoral Forum at each ASIS&T Annual Meeting, the annual Student Paper Contest, and the SIG ED Student Travel Award.

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How to Join

To be a member, one first needs to be a member of the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T). When completing the Membership Application Form, select the special interest group (SIG) of your choice.

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