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European Chapter and European Student Chapter Newsletter

Check out the newest joint newsletter from the EC and ESC of ASIS&T! 

The newsletter editors Isabelle Dorsch and Franziska Zimmer of the EC and ESC did an excellent job! Don't miss our interview series and reports about online conferences. Also, you find news about the Scientivity Contest. 

Enjoy and please feel free to share!

Also, we would like to give a BIG thanks to all our contributors! 🙂

IST 2020: Health Information Behavior (June 8-10, 2020; 15:00-18:00 CEST; Berlin Time)

The European Chapter (EC) of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) organized the online event IST 2020: Health Information Behavior (June 8-10, 2020, 3-6 pm (CEST)). The EC invited ASIS&T and non-ASIS&T members to join and contribute to the free online research and networking event. This was the second IST (Information Science Trends) event organized by the EC.

We had exciting keynote topics (COVID-19 and Health (mis)information behavior, Health Literacy, Open Data and Digital Health Data Access) presented by our speakers:

  •   Dianne Pennington (Senior Lecturer in Information Science, Strathclyde iSchool),
  •   Inez Bailey (Chief Executive of the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA), and
  •   Christiane Grünloh (Senior Researcher eHealth, Roessingh Research & Development)

There were also great seven presentations and four posters (see below for detailed information). All the presentation focused on Health Information Behavior.

 If you weren't able to participate:

Some of the presentations were also recorded and are available on the YouTube Channel of the European Chapter

Presentations and extended abstracts are available on the EC Zenodo Community 

Presentation Title:

  •   Speaker: Heidi Enwald, Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Noora Hirvonen and Isto Huvila

Title: Taking health information behaviour into account in user-centered design of e-health services - key findings from an ongoing research project

  •   Speaker: Noora Hirvonen

Title: Girls’ Positions and Authoritative Information Sources in Finnish Online Discourses on the HPV Vaccine

  •   Speaker: Prasadi Kanchana Jayasekara

Title: Usage of social media in finding information related COVID-19

  •   Speaker: Kaitlin Costello

Title: Correcting health misinformation online: Collaborative crosschecking

  •   Speaker: Sheila Webber and Pamela McKinney

Title: The information worlds of non-resident informal carers: stakeholder perceptions

  •   Speaker: Paulina Bressel

Title: #Recovery of Eating Disorders on Social Media

  •   Speaker: Carolanne Mahony, Ciara Heavin and David Sammon

Title: Health Information Use During Pregnancy

Poster Presentation:

  •   Speaker: Kristin Hocevar and Melissa Anderson

Title: Teaching Online Health Literacy at the University Level

  •   Speaker: Gemma Webster and Bruce M. Ryan

Title: Information avoidance and diabetes: a preliminary empirical study

  •   Speaker: Patrick O'Sullivan and Carolanne Mahony

Title: How can the Government tackle an Infodemic during a Pandemic?

  •   Speaker: Ashwag Alasmari and Aseel Aldawood

Title: #OVID-19 Misinformation: Saudi Arabia as a Use Case

On behalf of the European Chapter officers we would like to thank again all keynote speakers, contributors, presenters, participants,  Clara M. Chu (current ASIS&T president), Lydia Middleton (Executive Director) and Terrence Curtiss (Director of Membership).

Without all of you, it wouldn't be possible to have this great event. 

Special Issue

The European Chapter Officers, the editor of Aslib Journal of Information Management (Dirk Lewandowski) and the guest editors (Isto Huvila, Isabelle Dorsch, Aylin Ilhan) are excited to announce that the Special Issue (Showcasing Doctoral Research in Information Science) of Aslib Journal of Information Management will be published soon. For this, please click here. 

This special issue received altogether 28 submissions from authors all over the world. Thirteen submissions successfully passed the review process.

Asia Pacific Chapter

Dear Asia Pacific Colleagues, and Friends,

We are happy to share this good news with you. Our Chapter Chair-Elect Prof. Dan Wu has been elected as incoming Director-at-Large of ASIS&T.  Congratulations Dan!