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SIG News, November 2022

SIG Awards

ASIS&T is pleased to announce the following SIG awards:

SIG of the Year: SIG-KM
SIG-Member of the Year: Lu An (SIG-KM)
SIG Publication of the Year: Tie- SIG DL Annual Newsletter Report Issue 4 2022 Volume 4 and SIG-USE JASIST Special Issue on Information Behavior and Information Practices

SIG-AH (Arts and Humanities)

The SIG-AH Fall newsletter is available here.


SIG-AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-AI officers.


SIG-ED (Education for Information Science)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-ED officers.


SIG-HLTH (Health Informatics)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-HLTH officers.


SIG-HFIS (History and Foundations of Information Science)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-HFIS officers.


SIG-IEP (Information Ethics and Policy)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-IEP officers.


SIG-III (International Information Issues)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-III officers.

SIG-III is pleased to present the SIG-III 40th Anniversary Publication. It features the journey of ASIS&T SIG-III for the past 40 years, anniversary interviews and reflections of SIG-III friends, founders and leaders. The publication can be found here.

The Café International Meet initiative was started to provide an opportunity for the SIG III members to informally connect with each other as part of the series of new initiatives launched by the past SIG III Chair, Dr. Devendra Potnis. A team of three SIG III members- Bhakti Gala, Vanessa Reyes, and Manika Lamba joined hands to plan and execute the Meets.

The objective of Café International meet is as follows:

-  Provide an informal space to help connect members socially, informally, and virtually with peers.
-  Offer opportunities for collaboration, informal conversations, and more.
-  Be a virtual space for de-stressing and reaching out to each other.

I plan to conduct the Café International meet for 2023. I would like to invite those who are volunteers to work for another successful café meet.

If you are interested in working with the planning team please send me a brief motivation (100 words) at by Friday 18 November.


SIG-InfoLearn (Information and Learning Sciences)

Notes and a recording of the recent SIG-InfoLearn business meeting are available here.


SIG-KM (Knowledge Management)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-KM officers.


SIG-SI (Social Informatics)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-SI officers.

The Special Interest Group for Social Media (SIG SM) is delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 ASIS&T SIG SM Awards:

Best Paper

Runner up

Honorable Mention



SIG-USE (Information Needs, Seeking, and Use)

Congratulations to the new 2022-2023 SIG-USE officers.

The 2022 SIG USE Awards Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the following awards:

Outstanding Contribution to Information Behavior Research Award - Jenna Hartel, University of Toronto

Best Information Behavior Conference Paper Award - From Communities of Practice to Smart and Connected Communities: Information Sharing Practices Among Social Service Providers, by Stephen C. Slota, Ishan Nigam, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Sherri R. Greenberg, David Cruz, All from the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, USA

Best Information Behavior Conference Early Career Paper Award - Researching the knowledge journey practices of Indigenous Elders relevant to the younger generation: A community-based participatory study, by Jelina Haines, University of South Australia, South Australia

Best Information Behavior Conference Poster Award 
- Children's Interest, Search, and Knowledge: A Pilot Analysis of a STEM Maker Workshop, Yong Ju Jung and Jiqun Liu, All from the University of Oklahoma, OK, USA

Please join us in congratulating this year's winners and consider submitting your work for these awards in future years. More information about the awards can be found at:


SIG-VIS (Visualization, Images, and Sound)

Congratulations to the new SIG-VIS 2022-2023 officers.