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Member Spotlight, March 2024

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Blessing Mawire
Director, Integra Professional Solutions (information and knowledge management consulting)
ASIS&T Chapter Assembly Director

How long have you been an ASIS&T member?
5 years.

Why did you decide to join ASIS&T?
The intersection between information science and technology intrigued me as it widens the scope. In most of the countries I have studied and worked there is a separation of information science and technology. Technology is incorporated as modules or add on but had having the two together in the association is perfect. I was also interested in the global mix of the association and an opportunity to establish an Africa Chapter.

How have you benefitted from being an ASIS&T member?
Being an ASIS&T member has enabled me to grow my network globally while sharing and learning from a global perspective. I have always found the value of collaboration because there is just more to benefit than loose and ASIS&T provides many opportunities to collaborate.

It has also pushed me to organise work in ways that I had not done much, for example organizing a 24Hour Global Meeting!

Do you have any advice for new ASIS&T members?
Being a member of ASIS&T is fantastic and a great choice. However, one needs to be involved to fully benefit from the membership. I encourage all new (and old) members to join a SIG, committee or something as this will help you form new learnings, partner and understand the association much better.

I also encourage the members to be open with sharing the research or practitioner work they are doing as much as possible. In your own locations, talk about ASIS&T and provide an opportunity for others to grow.

What parts of information science give you the most joy and motivate you to continue your work?
Information Science gives me joy because its diverse and multifaceted nature. I have friends and colleagues with the same background but doing such diverse and amazing work, from librarianship to policy, politics, health sciences, data management and evidence related work. This is the beauty and impact that information science provides.

Have you witnessed any noticeable shifts in the greater information science community?
Yes, there is more acceptance and understanding of newer technologies. In the past the field was rigid, and now there is openness to how new technologies such as AI and other can enhance the field. Information Science is most poised for this revolution in advanced technologies because at the core of them is knowledge production and is the best field to partner new technologies.