Bioinformatics (BIO) (virtual)

SIG/BIO will explore the applications of information science to bioinformatics, which has been defined as “the generation, handling, storage, retrieval and analysis of biological sequence data [genes and proteins].”

Email list: sigbioinform-l

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Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts (BWP) (virtual)

The focus of this virtual SIG is the application and study of emergent “social software” technologies in a variety of information environments.

Email list: sig-bwp

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Critical Issues (CRIT) (virtual)

SIG-CRIT investigates conceptual issues in information science and studies using philosophical, historiographical, rhetorical, social, and cultural approaches within a broad, interdisciplinary framework of “critical theory.”

Email list: sigcrit-l

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Human Computer Interaction (HCI) (virtual)

SIG/HCI serves practical and theoretical interests in research, design, development and evaluation of how human beings use and communicate with computers. Interests include on-line users and their behavior…

Email list: sighci-l

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Information Architecture (IA) (virtual)

To provide a forum for practitioners, researchers, and educators working in the multidisciplinary areas of information architecture where they can continue the conversation begun at the March 2000 ASIS&T Summit on Information Architecture.

Email list: sigia-l

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Library Technologies (LT) (virtual)

SIG/LT focuses on the analysis, planning, management and use of innovative technology in library operations and networking. Among the library operations that lend themselves to computer technology, networking, and systems analysis…

Email list: siglan-l

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