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2015 ASIS&T Annual Meeting, St. Louis MO

ASIS&T Annual Meeting Coverage

Looking Back; Looking Ahead

In keeping with our annual tradition, the bulk of our reporting on the 2015 ASIS&T Annual Meeting – including both photographic and substantive coverage – will be included in the February/March 2016 issue of the Bulletin. In this issue, winners of three of the prestigious 2015 ASIS&T Annual Awards have provided feature articles about their recognized interests. You’ll also find a complete list of 2015 ASIS&T Annual Award winners; more details and photographs will be provided in the next issue.

When one Annual Meeting concludes, planning for the next is already well underway. In 2016 we will hold our first-ever Annual Meeting outside of North America. Committees are already hard at work seeking submissions for all aspects of the technical program, suggestions for pre- and post-conference undertakings and ideas for social events and new ways to engage attendees in networking and team-building activities. Mark your calendars for October 14-18, 2016, and plan to join us in Copenhagen, Denmark, for our exciting landmark meeting in Europe.

The theme for the 2016 Annual Meeting is Creating Knowledge, Enhancing Lives Through Information and Technology. As always, the conference committees welcome contributions from all areas of information science and technology. For more information about submission ideas, formats and deadlines, please visit the ASIS&T website at

2016 Annual Meeting Committees

Diane H. Sonnenwald and Lauren Harrison, conference co-chairs
Catherine Blake and Christian Schlögl, papers co-chairs
Isabella Peters and Barbara Endler-Jobst, panels co-chairs
Colleen Cool and Yin-Leng Theng, posters co-chairs
Richard Hill, ASIS&T executive director, workshops/tutorials, local arrangements, logistics


2015 ASIS&T Award Winners

Award of Merit: Michael E.D. Koenig, Long Island University

Watson Davis Award: Michael Leach

Thomson Reuters Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award: Denise Agosto, Drexel University

Best JASIST Paper Award: Frans van der Sluis, Egon L. van den Broek, Richard J. Glassey, Elizabeth M.A. G. van Dijk and Franciska M. G. de Jong, When Complexity Becomes Interesting (volume 65, issue 7)

Best Information Science Book Award: Ronald E. Day, Indexing It All: The Subject in the Age of Documentation, Information and Data, The MIT Press

James Cretsos Leadership Award: Karen Miller, University of South Carolina

Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship: Matthew Willis, Syracuse University, Patient Sociotechnical Assemblages: The Distributed Cognition of Health Information Management

ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award: Chris Cunningham, University of South Carolina, Government Structure, Social Inclusion and the Digital Divide: A Discourse on the Affinity Between the Effects of Freedom and Access to Online Information Resources

New Leaders Award: Deborah Charbonneau, Emily Agunod, Hassan Zamir, Nina Collins, Sarah Hartmann and Suzanne Gruber

Student Chapter-of-the-Year Award: San Jose State University

Student Chapter Membership: Pratt Institute, first place; University of Denver, second place; State University of New York, Albany, third place

SIG-of-the-Year Award: SIG/Arts & Humanities (SIG/AH)

SIG Member-of-the-Year Awards: Gary Burnett, SIG/USE, and Jeremy McLaughlin, SIG/AH


New Editor-in-Chief Named for JASIST

Javed MostafaJaved Mostafa, professor at the University of North Carolina, is the new editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST). His term begins in January 2016.

Mostafa’s 21 years of professional experience includes author- or co-authorship of 80 peer-reviewed research papers. His main area of research is information retrieval. He has been a member of the JASIST editorial board since 2012.

Mostafa has broad experience in academic publishing. He served eight years as associate editor for ACM Transactions on Information Systems. He is currently associate editor for the ACM Transactions on Internet Technology. In addition, he has edited or co-edited several special issues of journals, including IEEE Intelligent Systems, Journal of Digital Libraries and JASIST.

Mostafa succeeds Blaise Cronin, Indiana University, who has been editor-in-chief for seven years. Cronin is the co-editor with Cassidy Sugimoto of the ASIS&T monograph Scholarly Metrics Under the Microscope: From Citation Analysis to Academic Auditing.


News from ASIS&T SIGs

Heather Pfeiffer, SIG Cabinet Director, reports that Kristene Unsworth is the new deputy director of SIG Cabinet, and Michael Luesebrink is the advisor on the SIG Cabinet steering committee. Both took office at the Annual Meeting in November, following an efficient and effective election process organized and managed by Kathryn La Barre.

Katelyn Duncan, dual master’s degree candidate at Simmons College, is the winner of the 2015 SIG/Information Ethics and Policy (SIG/IEP) Best Student Paper Award for her paper, Free Our History from Copyright: Librarians Advocating for Intellectual Property Policy Reform via Social Media and Steps Toward an IP Policy Streams Model.

Sanda Erdelez, founding director of the Information Experience Lab at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, University of Missouri, and now chair of the library and information science program, is the 2015 winner of the SIG/USE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Information Behavior Research. Among the achievements for which she is honored are her contributions to the SIG/USE Symposium on theoretical frameworks, followed by her role as co-editor with Karen Fisher and Lynne McKechnie of the book, Theories of Information Behavior. Her work on opportunistic discovery of information has had an ongoing and significant impact in the field of information behavior research.



George Ryerson

George Ryerson

George Douglas Ryerson, 81, longtime ASIS&T member, died on October 30, 2015, in Westerville, Ohio.

George served as ASIS&T treasurer, 1999-2001, and served several terms as treasurer of the Central Ohio Chapter, among other activities for the chapter. As colleague Gerard Platau notes, “George was a truly decent, selfless human being and friend of all ASIS&T members.”

George grew up in New Providence, New Jersey. He excelled in educational pursuits through high school and continued this excellence while receiving his bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University and a doctorate from M.I.T. Upon graduation he was employed by Esso Research before he moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he was an editor for Chemical Abstracts Service for over 40 years. George attended the second and third (2012 and 2013) Annual Retiree Potlucks where he enjoyed chatting with colleagues from CAS.

George had a love of music and thoroughly enjoyed attending the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Arts Group.

A memorial service will be held at Summit United Methodist Church on Dec 5, 2015.

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