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Dr. Jelina Haines completed her PhD studies in Information Science at the School of UniSA-STEM, University of South Australia. With 20 years of experience working in the Indigenous community. Her research interest lies in interdisciplinary studies related to human information behaviour, ethical information recovery of specific knowledge held by traditional Storytellers, and the social impact of digital technologies in marginalized communities Her doctoral thesis redefined traditional learning by merging art and technology with ethical visualization of living culture, tradition and history, integrating Storytellers' voices, experiences, adaptability and resilience shared in their unique social and cultural contexts. Dr. Haines is the recipient of the 2022 ASIS&T ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award, Best Information Behavior Conference Early Career Paper Award (SIG-USE) and the brainchild of the SIG-DL HINDAS Project ( Email address:


Professor Emerita Shalini Urs is an academic and edupreneur and founder of MYRA School of Business. She has been a faculty at the University of Mysore since 1976. In addition, Professor Emerita Shalini Urs is an information scientist researching the areas of Social Network Analysis. She believes in the power of technology to transform learning and bring about positive change. Believing in the power of education, She has taken the initiative to set up two educational institutions--MYRA School of Business and the International School of Information Management ( Email address:


Dr. Mohd Muzzammil works as a school librarian under the Directorate of Education, Govt of National Capital Territory, Delhi. Objectively pursuing a career in the field of Library and Information Science. To collaborate with other University/Organisation that dynamically works towards the growth of the Library and Information Science and gains satisfaction thereof. Another aim is to be associated with various International Organisations aiming to promote LIS education worldwide. Email address:


As I have selected the role of Secretary in SIG-DL, I believe the role of the secretary is just like an extended hand to the Chair of the SIG-DL. I want to let you aware that, in my PhD work, I have adopted a mixed-method research approach and worked on various qualitative software, so I gained the courage within myself to present the textual data appealingly. From this point, my interest has evolved in producing any data more lucidly and attractively, whether qualitative or qualitative. I also plan to learn more software and want to spread my learning by acting as a resource person in my near career. I believe I can support the Chair of the SIG-DL by helping her to hold monthly meetings and maintain meeting minutes. Email address:


An information science student who wants to be a research support librarian. I am confident in academic networking because I have long experience in academic research and scholarly communication. I got the International experience of librarianship by completing the internship program of IFLA BSLISE where I was responsible for maintaining communication with international supervisors. The International Librarians Networking Program (ILNP) by ALA enhanced my knowledge of global librarianship. Currently, working as a student board member of Information Matters (a platform of ASIS&T). Being an early career information professional, I want to learn from experienced board members. Email address:


Muhammet Damar is a computer engineer and instructor at the Rectorate Information Center at Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) in Izmir, Turkey. He graduated with an MSc in Management Information Systems at DEU and an MBA at Sakarya University. Moreover, he just finished DEU Graduate School of Social Sciences as a PhD. His research interests are decision support systems, information systems, data mining, scientometrics, process modelling, enterprise architectures, business intelligence, and system analysis design ( Email address:


My aim would always resonate with the mission of SIG-DL. Every position comes with responsibility. The roles are to be performed by defined responsibilities. The skills required to fulfil these responsibilities are leadership, planning, coordination, and organisation. I served as a school captain and newsletter editor at my department (SLIS), complementing my leadership quality. Anchored some university events, it reflects organization and communication quality. Recently I submitted the poster for the ASIS&T Annual Meeting, 2022, titled “The Transitioning of the Term “Digital Library” in Response to Information Resilience: A Thematic Mapping of Literature From 2000 to 2021”. My coursework (PhD) and master’s degree taught the concept, functioning and usage. I am keen to learn librarianship and information science to serve my society in a digital library context. Email address:

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