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Welcome to our site! SIG HFIS is the Special Interest Group on the History and Foundations of Information Science of ASIS&T.

About Our SIG

Our Mission Statement: SIG HFIS encourages and supports work on the history and theoretical development of information science. It serves as a forum for the interaction of all fields of study that have the potential for increasing understanding of the history, theories, fundamental concepts, and models of information science. (Adopted 1995 when the SIG took on its present name).

SIG HFIS regularly organizes and sponsors sessions for the annual meeting of ASIS&T, and the chair of the SIG serves as a representative on the editorial board of Information & Culture: A Journal of History. Information about the representation is here.

News of interest to HFIS, not strictly about the SIG, are often shared in the discussion forum, where current SIG members can also be viewed.

The current SIG Bylaws are here. They are based on the ASIS&T model SIG bylaws.

About our logo -- can an antelope be a document? What is a “document”?

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HFIS Resources

SIG HFIS maintains a list of resources and organizations related to the history and foundations of information science.

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How to Join

To be a member, one first needs to be a member of the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T). When completing the Membership Application Form, select the special interest group (SIG) of your choice.

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