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It’s ASIS&T Award Nomination Season! Could you be a winner?

Yes, it’s that time of year again… time to start nominating you and everyone you know for ASIS&T’s awards!

We outlined the New Leaders Award in a previous post that talked about how awesome the award is for new members who want to become more involved in the Association. Unfortunately, that award’s deadline has passed, but keep yourself in mind for next year if you’ll have been an ASIS&T member for three years or less. The good news is that several more award nomination deadlines are coming up in just a few days, so nominate away! Here they are:

  1. Pratt Severn Best Student Research Paper Award (nominations due June 15). This award is open to master’s students who have written amazing research papers. It should be within scope and formatted according to the guidelines of our journal, the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. The winner receives free Annual Meeting registration, $500 toward travel costs for attending the Annual Meeting, and lots of job interviews! (Job interviews not guaranteed…) 😉
  2. ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award (nominations due June 15). Did you recently complete your dissertation? If it was good enough to let you graduate, it might be good enough to win this award! The winner gets $1,000 to spend on whatever you want – maybe you need a new wardrobe since you landed that sought-after tenure-track job? – and $500 toward Annual Meeting travel expenses. If you’re like me, and couldn’t even look at your dissertation for at least a year after you finished it, maybe your chair or other committee member will nominate it for you. Ask them; you know they’re proud of you!
  3. Research in Information Science Award (nominations due June 15). This award is for highly accomplished information science researchers who definitely deserve to have their many accomplishments recognized and celebrated. Personally speaking, this is one of my favorite awards  because we have so many amazing researchers in ASIS&T that really only the very top producers in our field can possibly win it.
  4. History Fund Research Award (nominations due June 20). This award provides $2,000 to fund a research proposal that applies to the history of information science. Although our history might be relatively short, it’s endlessly interesting. Despite my rigorous graduate school courses in the history of information retrieval/science, I learned for the first time at the 2015 IA Summit that Ted Nelson, one of the keynote speakers, coined the term “hypertext” – and the less famous, but equally wonderful, term “intertwingled.”
  5. History Fund Best Paper Award (nominations due June 20). The winner of this award receives $500 for the best paper in the area of information science history. Maybe you can win the History Fund Research Award this year, and then win the History Fund Best Paper Award next year?

In addition to the cash, the certificate, and the incredibly impressive CV line, winners get recognized at the Annual Meeting Luncheon. You will know you’ve won before the conference takes place, but at the luncheon, they will call your name, and you get to go in front of everyone to receive your award. My SIG (SIG VIS) and I won the 2009 Special Interest Group Publication of the Year Award for a special section I guest edited in the ASIS&T Bulletin about visual representation, search, and retrieval. Somehow, I missed the memo that said they would call my name, and I was in the restroom when they called it. That was my 10 minutes of fame wasted… don’t let it happen to you!

We’ll be back soon with more award nominations to discuss!