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Four Members Chosen for the 2024 ASIS&T Fellowship


Michael Buckland

Lisa Given

Gary Marchionini

Diane Sonnenwald












The Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) is delighted to announce that Michael Buckland, Lisa Given, Gary Marchionini and Diane Sonnenwald will be awarded the ASIS&T Fellowship in 2024. The Fellowship recognizes individuals who have made substantial and sustained contributions to ASIS&T and the broader field of Information Science. ASIS&T Fellows will have made a significant contribution to one or more of the following areas of information science: research, products, teaching, and service to the profession, the association, and other entities such as government, industry, etc. Fellows must uphold ethical and professional standards to be appointed and to maintain the honor.

Michael Buckland is Emeritus Professor, School of Information, University of California, Berkeley. In nominating Buckland for the award, John Budd wrote, “Buckland has accomplished almost everything that an individual can within a career in information science. He has received the ASIS&T Award of Merit and has served as President of the Association. He is also noted for having authored the paper that has been recognized by ASIS&T twice for have written the paper of the decade—once in the 1990s for the article “Information as Thing,” and once in the 2010s for the article “What Kind of Science Can Information Science Be?” “Information as Thing” has been cited as the Best Overall Paper by ASIS&T. He has been awarded the Outstanding Book of the Year in 2018 for Information and Society. No one can claim such accomplishments. This would seem to be sufficient for his receiving the Fellowship Award, but his work and influence exceeds the awards and official recognition.”

Lisa Given is Director, Social Change Enabling Impact Platform & Professor of Information Sciences at RMIT University. In nominating Dr. Given for the Fellowship, Sarah Polkinghorne wrote, “Dr. Given’s exceptional contributions to information science, including to ASIS&T, make her an ideal candidate for this award. She is highly deserving, having had a career filled with significant achievements and impacts. This nomination letter illustrates how well Dr. Given meets the three Fellowship criteria: contributions to ASIS&T, contributions to information science, and impact…Dr. Given has transformed approaches to human information behaviour studies through projects that incorporate social, human-centred research designs and methodological innovations.” In learning of her selection, Given said, “I’m very honoured to receive this award from ASIS&T, my scholarly home since I was a PhD student. This award means a great deal and I’m very grateful to my nominators and to those who have supported me over many years. I look forward to celebrating this achievement with colleagues and students at the annual meeting.”

Gary Marchionini is Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science. In nominating Dr. Marchionini for the recognition, Chirag Shah wrote, “In accordance with the ASIST Fellowship criteria, Dr. Marchionini's contributions to ASIS&T through service, leadership, and intellectual content, his contributions to the broader field of information science through research, product development, teaching, and service, and his impact on research, products, teaching, and service are substantial and sustained.  Within this field, his specific expertise spans across information interaction, human-computer interaction, human-centered computing, information retrieval, digital libraries, information architecture, digital government, cyberspace identity, and information policy. His research has been recognized globally, with over 200 articles, chapters, and reports published in various books and journals.” In learning of his selection, Marchionini said, “I feel honored and humbled to become a fellow of the leading information science organization in the world.”

Diane Sonnenwald is Emerita Professor-Research Active in the School of Information & Communication Studies at the University College Dublin. In nominating Dr. Sonnenwald for the Fellowship, Heidi Julien wrote, “Dr. Sonnenwald’s contributions to the theory of information science have been highly significant. Her pioneering work on social information behavior was far ahead of its time and paved the way for other scholars to expand the traditional focus on individuals to the social mediation and construction of information behavior. The importance of this theoretical shift cannot be overstated. In addition, her framing of the concept of “information horizons” was a second particularly important theoretical contribution to understanding of how people’s perceived information options construct their information behavior. Dr. Sonnenwald developed this concept within a methodological innovation, the information horizon interview, a technique that has proved fruitful for many scholars.” Upon learning of her selection, Sonnenwald said, “I am truly honored to receive this recognition, and I wish to thank the many colleagues who throughout my career have introduced me to unique opportunities and provided support. I also wish to thank my family for their enduring support.”

The class of 2024 Fellows will be inducted during the 2024 meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) which will be held 25-29 October, 2024 in Calgary, AB Canada.