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SIG SM Award

Call for Social Media Research Competition 2023

Nomination for the SM research competition
:  July 31, 2023, via the application form
Notification of top-3 authors: August 31, 2023
Workshop: October 28, 2023, 8 am - 12 pm

The Social Media Research Competition recognizes three high-quality long and short papers in a peer-reviewed journal or conference (e.g., ASIST, iConference, CSCW, CHI) on a topic informed by social media during the current and previous year (e.g. 2021 and 2022 for the 2022 award). This process includes two steps. First, authors nominate their papers for the competition by the due date via the application form. These papers will be evaluated by a committee of social media experts. Second, top-3 authors will be invited to present their paper(s) at the SIG Social Media (SM) Workshop. 

The committee of social media experts selects three authors for the 

  • winner ($200), 
  • runner-up ($150), and 
  • honorable mention ($100). 


The Awards are sponsored and are administered by the SIG SM Awards Committee. At least one author must register and be present at the SIG SM workshop to receive the award.


The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Media and Health
  • Social Media and Politics
  • Ethics in Social Media
  • Marketing in Social media
  • Information Behavior in Social Media
  • Minorities and Social Media
  • Tourism and Social Media
  • Dis/Misinformation
  • Fake News
  • Data Science for Social Media
  • Social Goods in Social Media
  • Social Media for Policy Making
  • Social Media and GIS
  • Big data techniques for social media data processing and analysis
  • Privacy and Security in Social Media
  • Social Movements in Social Media


The paper competition is part of the SIG Social Media WorkshopThe workshop includes the following parts:

  • Social Media Research Competition
  • Invited speaker: Dr. Adam Joinson, University of Bath, UK



  • At least one author of the winning paper must be a member of SIG SM at the time of application.
  • The paper must fall within the scope of social media research.
  • At least one author of the winning papers must attend the SIG SM workshop awards ceremony in order to be eligible to receive the award.
  • The final authors should be a member of SIG SM.
  • The nominated paper was already published in 2022 or 2023. The papers in the ASIST proceedings of the current year are also eligible.
  • Papers nominated for the ASIS&T Best Conference Paper Award will also be considered.
  • Each author can submit only one paper.


Selection of the Awardees

The content of each eligible paper shall be appraised in terms of the following criteria as appropriate: problem statement, appropriateness of the methodology, significance and implications of the findings, originality, clarity of expression, and references.

Each eligible paper will be assessed initially by at least three Jury members.



Nature of the Award

The Award was established in 2021. The Award is sponsored and administered by the ASIS&T SIG SM Awards Committee.


Presentation of the Award

The award shall be presented at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting during the SIG SM Workshop.