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SIG-USE members are concerned with the activities, both behavioral and cognitive, of people who are interacting with information. These activities include: recognizing information needs, seeking information that will address those needs, exploring information sources present in one’s context/situation, retrieving information from available information sources, communicating and collaborating with others concerning an information need or information resources, using information, and other interactions between people and information. The SIG wishes to promote studies of human information-related behavior and provision of information services, and to encourage the application of the study results to information systems design.

2022-2023 ASIS&T SIG-USE Officers and Chairs:

● Annie T. Chen, Chair,

● Xiaojun (Jenny) Yuan, Chair Elect, 

● Melissa Ocepek, Immediate Past Chair, 

● Chiyoung Oh, Treasurer, 

● Ophelia Morey, Secretary,

● Lo Lee,  Communications Officer, 

● Xiaofeng Li, Webmaster, 

● Nathan Davis, Recruitment/Membership Officer,

2022-2023 SIG-USE Awards Committee:

● Saira Hanif Soroya, 

● Md. Anwarul Islam, 

● Iulian Vamanu,

● Hengyi Fu,

2022-2023 SIG-USE Symposium Committee:

● S.A.D.H. Namali Suraweera, 

● Dave Stokes

● Nosheen Fatima Warraich,

Past Chairs:

Melissa Ocepek (2021-2022)
Yan Zhang (2020-2021)
Rebekah Willson (2019-2020)
Sue Yeon Syn (2018-2019)
Beth St. Jean (2017-2018)
Heather O’Brien (2016-2017)
Gary Burnett (2015-2016)
Lisa M. Given (2014-2015)
Rong Tang (2013-2014)
Denise Agosto (2012-2013)
Lorri Mon (2011-2012)