Arts & Humanities (AH)

SIG/AH explores the applications of information science to scholarship and creative endeavors in the humanities and fine arts.

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Classification Research (CR)

SIG/CR studies the fundamental principles, underlying processes, and analytic constructs of classification schemes and procedures by humans or automata.

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Digital Libraries (DL)

SIG/DL provides a forum for discussion about research, development and use of digital libraries in corporate, academic and public contexts.

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Education for Information Science (ED)

SIG/ED focuses on the education – at all levels – of those concerned with the handling of information.

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Health Informatics (HLTH)

SIG/HLTH brings together members of various disciplines to evaluate the needs and problems of developing and managing medical information systems that can handle the complex uses to which they are put.

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History & Foundations of Information Science (HFIS)

SIG/HFIS develops theories, fundamental concepts, and models of information science and cybernetics so that satisfactory theoretical frameworks will ultimately generate better information systems and services.

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Information and Learning Sciences (ILS)

SIG InfoLearn builds upon the growing recognition of the ways in which the scholarly disciplines of information science and learning sciences stand to enrich one another theoretically, methodologically, and, empirically, for instance through design improvements within systems in which human learning is to be expected.

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Information Ethics and Policy (IEP)

SIG/IEP (formerly IFP) helps ensure that ASIS&T members are aware of legislation and regulation affecting the information field and/or members of the information professions.

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Information Needs, Seeking and Use (USE)

SIG/USE members are concerned with the activities, both behavioral and cognitive, of people who are interacting with information.

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International Information Issues (III)

The purposes of SIG/III are a) to promote better awareness among ASIS&T members and information professionals of the importance of international cooperation…

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Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Management is concerned with all aspects of knowledge within all types of organizations, including knowledge creation, documentation, codification, sharing…

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Metrics (MET)

SIG/MET is the Special Interest Group for the measurement of information production and use. It encourages the development and networking of all those interested in the…

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Organizational Information Management (OIM)

SIG/MGT serves those who manage information in technical or generalist environments and those who seek to increase their effectiveness at one or more stages of the…

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Scientific and Technical Information (STI)

SIG/STI focuses on the applications of information science to the production, organization, and dissemination of scientific and technical information.

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Social Informatics (SI)

SIG-SI brings together researchers who are interested in the social aspects of computerization, including the roles of ICT in social and organizational change, the uses of IT in…

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Social Media (SM)

Are you interested in social media research? That’s great! ASIS&T’s newest SIG, SIG Social Media (SIG SM), is a forum for discussion about social media research and its related topics.

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Visualization, Images & Sound (VIS)

SIG/VIS provides a forum for ASIS&T members to discuss, develop, and promote issues and research involving graphic and visual information.

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