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2023 Global Award Winners

The ASIS&T Awards and Honors Committee is delighted to announce the winners of the ASIS&T International Awards to individuals. Please join us in congratulating this year's winners on their outstanding achievement.

Award of Merit

Andrew Dillon

Best JASIST Paper Award

"Integrative data reuse at scientifically significant sites: Case studies at Yellowstone National Park and the La Brea Tar Pits" by Andrea Thomer, published in Volume 73, Issue 8 of the Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology (JASIST)

Doctoral Dissertation Award

Aira Huttunen

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship

Helena Häußler

Lois Lunin Award

Md. Anwarul Islam

Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award

Jenna Hartel

Pratt-Severn Best Masters Student Paper Award

Xinyue You

Research in Information Science Award

Jane Greenberg

Watson Davis Award for Service

Howard Rosenbaum

Bob Williams Research Grant Award 

Lin Wang

Project: Historical Evolution of “Qingbao” Concept in Chinese Modern Information Science (1978-2003).

Bob Williams Research Paper Award

Geoffrey Yeo

Paper:  “Let Us See What Is Meant by the Word Recorde”: Concepts of Record from the Middle Ages to the Early 20th Century