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Upcoming Webinars

The Medieval Screen: How Digital Humanities and Embroidery Reawaken Rare Illuminated Manuscripts
Sponsored by SIG-AH
Julie Carmen
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT (UTC 16:00:00 – World Clock)

Cybersecurity While Traveling
Sponsored by SIG-IEP
Stacey Wright
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 11:00am – 12:00pm EDT (UTC 15:00:00 – World Clock)

Black Diasporic Migration: Implications for Information Professionals and a Glimpse at the U.S. Context
Sponsored by SIG-III
Ana Ndumu
Monday, September 30, 2019, 11:00am – 12:00pm EDT (UTC 15:00:00 – World Clock)

Past Webinars

UX Research Showdown: Remote Moderated Versus Remote Unmoderated User Research
Asha Fereydouni

CollectionBuilder: Creating and Teaching Digital Collections with Minimal Infrastructure
Olivia Wikle and Evan Peter Williamson

American FactFinder and Census Data
David Kraiker

Wikidata for Fans of Digital Libraries
Lane Rasberry

“App”lying Mobile Technology to Visual Research Methods: Mobile Apps for Participant-Generated Photography
Sarah Barriage and Alison Hicks

The Role of Self-Deception and Pseudo-Cognitive Authorities in the Dissemination and Embrace of Fake News
Thomas J. Froehlich

Research Data Management and Role of Libraries 
Muhammad Rafiq

2019 Virtual Symposium on Information & Technology in the Arts and Humanities Video Games and Information Science
Olle Skold, Marc Schmalz, Michael Hughes, Christina Boyle

The Challenges of Preserving and Sharing Social Media Research Data
Dr. Katrin Weller

Best Practices for Data Sharing and Deposit for Librarian Authors
Regina Raboin, Lisa Palmer, T Scott Plutchak, Julie Goldman

Avoiding Scam Emails and Starting the Year with a Bang! Security Update, Review of FAQs, and Current Projects
Jeremy L. McLaughlin, ASIS&T Professional Development Committee

How can Remote Instructors Collaborate Successfully?
Naresh Agarwal, Noor Faridah A Rahim

Intersection of Digital Libraries and Research Data
Nushrat Khan, Brian Cain, and Esmeralda Moscatelli

Lightweight Methodology and Tools for Developing Ontology Networks
María Poveda-Villalón

Academic Identities in Times of Change
Dorte Madsen

SKOS: Overview and Modeling of Controlled Vocabularies 
Juan-Antonio Pastor-Sánchez and Antoine Isaac

Project – Focused Leadership Within ASIS&T – A Holistic Approach To Events, Membership, and Communications
Jeremy L. McLaughlin

Information Practices in International, Collaborative, Publicly-Funded, Data-Driven Digital Humanities Projects
Deborah A. Garwood and Alex Poole

Social Networks and Learning Networks
Caroline Haythornthwaite

Knowledge Transfer as a Defensive Strategy in the War on Talent
Steve Trautman

Best Practices for Improving the Computational Reproducibility of Research
April Clyburne-Sherin

Planning a Personal and Group Strategy Around Project-Focused Leadership Within ASIS&T
Jeremy L. McLaughlin

The Current State of Automated Content Tagging:  Dangers and Opprotunities
Joseph Busch

The Role of Dublin Core Metadata in the Expanding Digital and Analytical Skill Set Required by Data-Driven Organizations
Steve Brewer

Introduction to Metadata Application Profiles
Karen Coyle

Understanding and Testing Models
Eric Prud’hommeaux

A Linked Data Competency Framework for Educators and Learners
Marcia Lei Zeng

Meet the Authors: Metadata and Networked Communications: Contributions of Information Science
Amelia Acker and Matthew Mayernik

Knowledge Services: Expanding your Role and Ensuring Career Success
Dale Stanley and Deb Hunt

2018 SIG-AH Virtual Symposium

Save the Children Resource Libraries: Aligning Internal Technical Resource Libraries with a Public Distribution Website
Joseph Busch

Playfulness, Mess, Risks and Other Fun with Attempting Innovative Teaching
Michelle Kazmer and Michael Twidale

Q&A Webinar with ASIS&T 2017 Conference Co-Chairs
Sanda Erdelez and Naresh Agarwal

National Library of Medicine Resources for Health Informatics
Kate Flewelling and Elaina Vitale

Meet the Authors: 21st Century Skills Development – Through Fun and Effective Inquiry-Based Learning
Dr. Samuel K.W. Chu and Dr. Rebecca Reynolds

Information Visualization for the Future Generation Catalog
Charles-Antoine Julien

Meet the Authors: Documents That Changed the Way We Live
Joseph Janes

Meet the Authors: The Heart of the Information Professions: What Motivates our Field?
Marcia Bates

How to Prepare Digital Documents for the Mobile-First Index: Supporting Gestures & Preventing Errors
Shari Thurow

Meet the Authors: Deep Text Analytics: What Is It and What Can It Do For You?
Tom Reamy

How to Design & Build Semantic Applications with Linked Data
Dave Clarke

Exploring the Challenges & Uses of Linked Open Data for Digitized Special Collections
Timothy W. Cole, Alex Olivia Kinnaman, Deren Kudeki

Meet the Authors: Digital Preservation Metadata for Practitioners – Implementing PREMIS!
Angela Dappert, Rebecca Squire Guenther, Sébastien Peyrard

Me4MAP: Um método para o desenvolvimento de perfis de aplicação de metadadoss
Mariana Curado Malta

Me4MAP: A Method for the Development of Metadata Application Profiles
Mariana Curado Malta

From Digital Library to Digital Archive: Implementing Digital Preservation Efforts
Elizabeth La Beaud

Nailing Jello to a Wall: Metrics, Frameworks and Existing Work for Metadata Assessment
Christina Harlow

Developing Partnerships Regionally and Internationally
Margaret Law

Data on the Web Best Practices: Challenges and Benefits
Bernadette Farias Lóscio, Caroline Burle dos Santos Guimarães, and Newton Calegari

Re-envisioning Management Education and Training for Information Professionals
Rajesh Singh and James Vorbach

The Role of Information Scholars and Professionals in Responding to Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda
Heidi Julien

Boas Práticas para Dados na Web: Desafios e Benefícios (Portuguese)
Bernadette Farias Lóscio, Caroline Burle dos Santos Guimarães, e Newton Calegari

Meet the Author Series:  Taxonomy Fundamentals
Heather Hedden

Silencing Science: Attempts to Curb Federal Employees’ Communication With the Public
Shannon Oltmann and A.J. Million

From MARC Silos to Linked Data Silos:  Data Models for Bibliographic Linked Data
Osma Suominen

Meet the Author Series: Top Trends and Tips in LIS Research
Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Marie L. Radford

Spotlighting Research Data: Strategies for Making Institutional Research Data More Discoverable
Kevin Read and Nicole Contaxis

Wikidata: An Introduction to the Database of the World’s Knowledge
Kevin Payravi

Meet the Author Series: Library Linked Data: From Proof of Concept to Action
Carol Jean Godby

Creating a Campus-wide Research Data Services Committee: The Good, The Bad, and The… – Part 2
Christine Kollen, David Minor, and Betty Rozum

Creating a Campus-wide Research Data Services Committee: The Good, The Bad, and The… – Part 1
Cinthya Ippoliti , Renaine Julian, and Amy Koshoffer

Meet the Author Series: Falling Short of Their Profession’s Needs: Education and Research in Library & Information Studies
Wayne Wiegand

Fundamentals of Digital Asset Management
Theresa Regli

Meet the Author Series:  All the Facts: A History of Information in the United States Since 1870
James Cortada

Preparing Information Professionals for an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing Future
Bob Rouse

Linking Locally: A Technical Tour of the UNLV LOD Project
Cory Lampert and Silvia Southwick

Technology and Publishing: The Work of Scholarship in the Age of its Digital Reproducibility
Dr. Paul Martin Eve

IIIF: Interoperability of Image Content, Scholarship and Annotation
Robert Sanderson

Meet the Author Series:  Regulating the Cloud: Policy for Computing Infrastructure
Christopher S. Yoo and Jean-François Blanchette

Archaeological Digital Data Management
Francis P. McManamon and Leigh Anne Ellison

Preparing Health Informatics Tools for Usability Study Research
Deborah Swain

Meet the Author Series:  Surprising Ways in Which the Internet Can Be Used to Alter People’s Beliefs, Opinions and Attitudes – Even Our Votes
Dr. Robert Eptein

Content Types: The Glue Between Content Strategy, User Experience, and Design
Hilary Marsh

Visualizing Cultural Data: Experimental Interfaces for Digitized Collections
Marian Dörk

Mixed Studies Review – SIG HLTH Webinar Part 2
Pierre Pluye and Quan Nha Hong

How to Write Successful Journal Manuscripts and Convince the Reviewer
Dr. Dirk Lewandowski, Dr. Loet Leydesdorff, and Dr. Isabella Peters

Modelado y publicación de los vocabularios controlados del proyecto UNESKOSDCMI
Juan Antonio Pastor Sánchez

Aligning Consumer Health Informatics Tools with Patient Work: Strategies for Fieldwork in Home and Community Settings
Richard J. Holden, Laurie Lovett Novak, Rupa S. Valdez, Christopher L. Simpson

Cast Aside into the Public Domain: The Resurrection of an Esoteric Jules Verne Adventure Novel
Jared Bendis

Mixed Methods Research
Pierre Pluye and Vera Granikov

Change Tracking in Knowledge Organization Systems with SKOS-History
Joachim Neubert and Osma Suominen

A Hub of Activity: Clemson University’s Involvement in the Digital Public Library of America and the Open Parks Network
Christopher Vinson

Linked Data Fragments: Querying multiple Linked Data sources on the Web
Ruben Verborgh

Creating Content Intelligence: Harmonized Taxonomy & Metadata in the Enterprise Context
Stephanie Lemieux

Theory and Standards: Debating the New Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education
Beth Boatright, Willie Miller and Nina Collins

Academic Search Engine Optimization of Web Documents for Google Scholar
Shari Thurow in Two Parts:  From Use to Extension (Part 1)
Richard Wallis in Two Parts:  From Use to Extension (Part 2)
Richard Wallis

Text Mining in Libraries: How Librarians Develop Skills Required to Support This Evolving Form of Research
Clifford Anderson and Hilary Craiglow

Tips and Techniques in Effective Grant Writing
Patty Wong

Implementing Linked Data in Low-Resource Conditions
Johannes Keizer and Caterina Caracciolo

Cracking the Internet:  A Science Historian’s Experience Conducting Research and Communicating Findings on the Web
Gabriel Finkelstein

DCMI Webinar: OpenAIRE Guidelines: Promoting Repositories Interoperability and Supporting Open Access Funder Mandates
Pedro Príncipe and Jochen Schirrwagen

From I-Squares to C-Squares: Teaching Information and Communication theories using Draw & Write Technique
Jenna Hartel and Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan

DCMI Webinar:  Digital Preservation Metadata and Improvements to PREMIS in Version 3.0
Angela Dappert

SIG STI Webinar: Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs): Capturing Laboratory Activity As It Happens
Wendy Kozlowski, Evan Simpson, Kristin Bogdan

DCMI Webinar:  From 0 to 60 on SPARQL queries in 50 minutes
Ethan Gruber

Introducing Cultural Heritage Informatics into the Curriculum of LIS Education
Marcia Zeng and Karen Gracy

The Grant Writing Course as a Real-World Experience to Build Communities
Patty Wong

DCMI Webinar: Approaches to Making Dynamic Data Citable
Andreas Rauber

DCMI Webinar: VocBench 2.0: a Web Application for Collaborative Development of Multilingual Thesauri
Caterina Caracciolo and Armando Stellato

Producing Effective Online Programs: Experiences and Lessons Learned (SIG/ED)
Marisa H. Martinez, Jeremy L. McLaughlin, Karen Miller

DCMI Webinar:  The Libhub Initiative: Increasing the Web Visibility of Libraries
Eric Miller

DCMI Webinar:  The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, describing learning resources with, and more?
Lorna M. Campbell and Phil Barker

Not All MOOCs Are Created Equal: A Comparative Evaluation of Popular MOOC Platforms
Lee Wlson and Anatoliy Gruzd

ASIS&T’s Social Media Presence: Channels, Communications, and Challenges
Diane Rasmussen Pennington

Teaching Information Policy, or The Thing that affects Virtually Every Aspect of Information about which People Often Forget (SIG/ED)
Paul T. Jaeger, Ursula Gorham, Natalie Taylor

PASIG: Tiered Adaptive Storage for Big Data and Supercomputing
Jason Goodman

ASIS&T Second Virtual Meeting of Regional and Student Chapter Leaders
Naresh Agarwal and Michael Leach

SIG DL Webinar: Evaluating the DataVerse Network: Connecting Open Data with Scholarly Communications
[free to ASIS&T Members]
Jonathan Wheeler

DCMI Webinar:  How to Pick the Low Hanging Fruits of Linked Data
Seth van Hooland and Ruben Verborgh

PASIG Webinar: Video Surveillance: Consuming I.T. Capacity At Significant Rates
Jay Jason Bartlett

PASIG:  Archive and Preservation for Collections Leveraging Standards Based Technologies and the Cloud
Brian Campanotti

SIG DL:  Navigating Digital Asset Management
Julie Maher and Alice Merchant

PASIG:  What Would an Ideal Digital Preservation Technical Registry Look Like?
Steve Knight and Peter McKinney

SIG DL:  Untangling the Web:  Using Archive-It to Capture and Provide Access to Web Content
Laurie Donovan

SIG USE:  Contextual Inquiry:  A Must-have Method For Your User Research Toolbox
Kate Lawrence and Deirdre Costello

PASIG: Three Critical Elements of Long-Term Storage in the Cloud
Amar Kapadia

iSquares:  A New Approach to Information Research and Education
Jenna Hartel

PASIG:  Policy Based Data Management
Reagan Moore

Webinars presented before 2014, can be found here.