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Past Webinars

Modelado y publicación de los vocabularios controlados del proyecto UNESKOSDCMI
Juan Antonio Pastor Sánchez

Aligning Consumer Health Informatics Tools with Patient Work: Strategies for Fieldwork in Home and Community Settings
Richard J. Holden, Laurie Lovett Novak, Rupa S. Valdez, Christopher L. Simpson

Cast Aside into the Public Domain: The Resurrection of an Esoteric Jules Verne Adventure Novel
Jared Bendis

Mixed Methods Research
Pierre Pluye and Vera Granikov

Change Tracking in Knowledge Organization Systems with SKOS-History
Joachim Neubert and Osma Suominen

A Hub of Activity: Clemson University’s Involvement in the Digital Public Library of America and the Open Parks Network
Christopher Vinson

Linked Data Fragments: Querying multiple Linked Data sources on the Web
Ruben Verborgh

Creating Content Intelligence: Harmonized Taxonomy & Metadata in the Enterprise Context
Stephanie Lemieux

Theory and Standards: Debating the New Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education
Beth Boatright, Willie Miller and Nina Collins

Academic Search Engine Optimization of Web Documents for Google Scholar
Shari Thurow in Two Parts:  From Use to Extension (Part 1)
Richard Wallis in Two Parts:  From Use to Extension (Part 2)
Richard Wallis

Text Mining in Libraries: How Librarians Develop Skills Required to Support This Evolving Form of Research
Clifford Anderson and Hilary Craiglow

Tips and Techniques in Effective Grant Writing
Patty Wong

Implementing Linked Data in Low-Resource Conditions
Johannes Keizer and Caterina Caracciolo

Cracking the Internet:  A Science Historian’s Experience Conducting Research and Communicating Findings on the Web
Gabriel Finkelstein

DCMI Webinar: OpenAIRE Guidelines: Promoting Repositories Interoperability and Supporting Open Access Funder Mandates
Pedro Príncipe and Jochen Schirrwagen

From I-Squares to C-Squares: Teaching Information and Communication theories using Draw & Write Technique
Jenna Hartel and Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan

DCMI Webinar:  Digital Preservation Metadata and Improvements to PREMIS in Version 3.0
Angela Dappert

SIG STI Webinar: Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs): Capturing Laboratory Activity As It Happens
Wendy Kozlowski, Evan Simpson, Kristin Bogdan

DCMI Webinar:  From 0 to 60 on SPARQL queries in 50 minutes
Ethan Gruber

Introducing Cultural Heritage Informatics into the Curriculum of LIS Education
Marcia Zeng and Karen Gracy

The Grant Writing Course as a Real-World Experience to Build Communities
Patty Wong

DCMI Webinar: Approaches to Making Dynamic Data Citable
Andreas Rauber

DCMI Webinar: VocBench 2.0: a Web Application for Collaborative Development of Multilingual Thesauri
Caterina Caracciolo and Armando Stellato

Producing Effective Online Programs: Experiences and Lessons Learned (SIG/ED)
Marisa H. Martinez, Jeremy L. McLaughlin, Karen Miller

DCMI Webinar:  The Libhub Initiative: Increasing the Web Visibility of Libraries
Eric Miller

DCMI Webinar:  The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, describing learning resources with, and more?
Lorna M. Campbell and Phil Barker

Not All MOOCs Are Created Equal: A Comparative Evaluation of Popular MOOC Platforms
Lee Wlson and Anatoliy Gruzd

ASIS&T’s Social Media Presence: Channels, Communications, and Challenges
Diane Rasmussen Pennington

Teaching Information Policy, or The Thing that affects Virtually Every Aspect of Information about which People Often Forget (SIG/ED)
Paul T. Jaeger, Ursula Gorham, Natalie Taylor

PASIG: Tiered Adaptive Storage for Big Data and Supercomputing
Jason Goodman

ASIS&T Second Virtual Meeting of Regional and Student Chapter Leaders
Naresh Agarwal and Michael Leach

SIG DL Webinar: Evaluating the DataVerse Network: Connecting Open Data with Scholarly Communications
[free to ASIS&T Members]
Jonathan Wheeler

DCMI Webinar:  How to Pick the Low Hanging Fruits of Linked Data
Seth van Hooland and Ruben Verborgh

PASIG Webinar: Video Surveillance: Consuming I.T. Capacity At Significant Rates
Jay Jason Bartlett

PASIG:  Archive and Preservation for Collections Leveraging Standards Based Technologies and the Cloud
Brian Campanotti

SIG DL:  Navigating Digital Asset Management
Julie Maher and Alice Merchant

PASIG:  What Would an Ideal Digital Preservation Technical Registry Look Like?
Steve Knight and Peter McKinney

SIG DL:  Untangling the Web:  Using Archive-It to Capture and Provide Access to Web Content
Laurie Donovan

SIG USE:  Contextual Inquiry:  A Must-have Method For Your User Research Toolbox
Kate Lawrence and Deirdre Costello

PASIG: Three Critical Elements of Long-Term Storage in the Cloud
Amar Kapadia

iSquares:  A New Approach to Information Research and Education
Jenna Hartel

PASIG:  Policy Based Data Management
Reagan Moore

Webinars presented before 2014, can be found here.